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About Me

I am a Jamaican-born Caribbean woman transistioning to my next life in the Eastern-Caribbean all while working as a musician, business consultant, and multi-hyphenate creative technology professional in socio-economic development spaces. My professional and personal interests sit at the nexus of the arts, business, technology, politics, sports, and lifestyle. 


Tech & Business

I am a Jamaican-born music artiste bringing together the best in art, culture, and entertainment with business and technology to share my work with the world authentically and profitably. I operate across a wide range of skills within the discipline of music and operate under the tradename Kei Dubb. 

I believe that the politics of policy impacts all our lives at all levels. Through the Black Girl Politica initiative, I explore this notion and help average Jones and Janes take a second look at politics and policies and join the conversation in ways that are beneficial to them and their communities at the macro and micro socio-economic level. 

I am the Founder and CEO of Awe-Inspiring & Bold Creative-Tech Solutions Limited; a tech-driven boutique consultancy concerned with helping services-based creative practitioners streamline their business operations, expand the reach of their work in the world, and grow their revenue (without sacrificing authenticity).

There are so many life lessons that can be cleaned from sports and the legacies of professional athletes. I explore these further through the sports addition of the Black Girl Politica platform.

I am passionate about helping tech newbies and advanced techies alike navigate the sometimes overwhelming world of ever-evolving technology in a a healthy way. This includes using available modern tech tools to enhance lives and improve the way we work. 

It is great to be alive and living well is the icing on the cake. While joy and happiness and intrenally gennerated, there are temporal additions to our lives that can make things that much better. Through the New Start Collective, I bring some of those elements a little closer home to you. 

Featured In

From Romania to Jamaica, my work has been featured in publications spanning the globe.

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