Meet Kerri-Anne

Multi-hyphenate Creative, Socially Conscious Techpreneur, & YLAI Professional Fellow


Thoughtful, innovative, vivacious, and kind, Kerri-Anne C. Walker is a trailblazing Jamaican-born creative talent and entrepreneur.

Over the last decade, Kerri-Anne has honed both her creative talents and her business savvy through finding solutions to the problem of sustainability in the arts – particularly for independent creatives who not only want to share their art with the world but do so in a way that is authentic to their expression and profitably. 

This has allowed her to steadily build a sustainable business model that supports both her profitability and the growing impact of her art through her own organisation and platform – Kei Dubb. 

Today, Kerri-Anne C. Walker is the founder and face of Kei Dubb – a boutique services business, lifestyle, and entertainment brand and platform based in Kingston, Jamaica.


Kei Dubb: Where Passion Meets Sustainabillity

Kei Dubb is where Kerri-Anne marries head and heart and combines her passions meet a sustainable platform. Through “bringing together the best in art, culture, and entertainment with business and technology” as Kei Dubb, she is able to produce and curate a variety of:

– Live and recorded music experiences
– Creative digital content
– Practical business and lifestyle resources for working smarter, playing harder, and living well


All of which combine to entertain, enlighten, and meet the needs of today’s contemporary creative professional. Consequently, her work through the Kei Dubb platform is two-fold in scope and allows her to function optimally on both the business and artistic sides of the music and creative industries – reaching a wide cross-section of market segments and industries. Tech-powered and business-supported, Kei Dubb allows Kerri-Anne to traverse worlds as she continues to expand the impact of her work in the world. 

Importantly, Kerri-Anne’s talents and approach to music and the creative industries has allowed her to work with other brands and help the professionals behind them build their own sustainable and profitable creative empires. 


Learn more about the many brands Kerri-Anne has partnered with here. 


"Lighting another's flame doesn't diminish your own fire."

In addition to her work as Kei Dubb, Kerri-Anne works with other creative professionals and brands to expand their reach within their target segments and do so in a profitable and sustainable way. She is just as committed to providing the tech and business resources and support needed by independent creative acts to succeed in today’s tech-driven age as she is to embodying the success and possibilities. As such, she is constantly developing new tech-supported business methodologies that are affordable and uniquely designed to accomplish three main objectives:

– Quantify transient features of the creative services industries

– Streamline operations and sustainable business models

– Provide self-services resources and needed support needed to independent creative acts in today’s tech-driven age 

This combination of objectives ensure that Kerri-Anne secures success not just for herself as an artiste, but also for her peers and colleagues.

Often quoted as saying: 

“my favourite part of the work I do as Kei Dubb is being able to function on both sides of my industry. I get to impact the world through my art and position my peers to win through my strategies,”

Kerri-Anne’s passion and drive, coupled with her willingness to share, has continued to position her and those with whom she partners in positions to win as she remains unafraid to put herself out there and try new things. She continues to create amazing art and capitalise on lucrative business opportunities for herself as she works diligently to provide access to the best available resources for her peers.