A Little More About Me

Here's A glimpse Into Who I Am & what I've been able to Create.

Welcome to my official website where I get to share a lot of who I am, a little of what I think, and most of what I do with all of you. 

I am an optimistic sociable introvert who believes we are right where we need to be on our journey to where we are ultimately trying to go. And if for some reason we believe we aren’t, we can, in that moment choose to course correct. 

I function in the world through my talents as a musician, creative business coach, writer, and social impact techpreneur. 


As a frontend web developer and budding software engineer, I enjoy building digital platforms for myself and others that help them to creatively express themselves in the digital space and build viable and profitable digital ecosystem.  

One of the really great things I’ve been able to do in recent times is invest in the production and engineering of my own audio products including music, podcasts, and other voiceovers. It is just an extra blessing to be able to extend those services to others.

From jingles to singles and albums, gone are the days when I have to wait on others to get my creative audio work done. My growth as a producer and audio engineer has lent itself well to the production of my music.

From blogging and working on my first set of books, writing certainly keeps me grounded, focused, and engaged. I enjoy sharing ideas in a logical, thorough, relatable, and well-thought out way through my writing.

Music performances, and in particular my Kei Dubb concerts speak for themselves. I love to perform and musically take an audience on an experience with me.

As a host I get to add to my stage craft and showcase more of my personality and help promotors and event planners ensure their event remains entertaining and their program flows freely even in the midst of technical difficulties nto presenting at workshops and being a keynote speaker at functions 

As a professional running a small operation in the creative services industries for as long as I have, I have learned over time the importance of automation, creating products from knowledge and skills, and implementing processes that are sustainable and revenue-generating. I have been able to generate this for myself and for those I work with. 

I am deeply in love with the work I do through my creative business and creative tech platforms. Through these platforms I am able to express the full range of my creativity in a sustainable way and curate a life-work balance that works for me while providing safe spaces great value for my clients, patrons, and audiences worldwide.

A few years ago, I made the decision to bring smart technologies to the fore of my operations so that I could build a career in the arts that jived with my personal values and work philosophies of sustainability through resourceful use of technology and business best practices. 

In the final analysis, tech-based resources, solutions, and delivery modalities would account for a minimum of 70% of my creative services delivery and support for both front-facing and back-end purposes. 


Black Girl Politica

A digital platform and network housing and promoting the diverse perspectives, of underserved voices in Caribbean and Pan-African communities.

Tech It Like A Girl

FREE-to-Access platform advocating a R.I.C.H. (resourceful, innovative, creative, holistic) approach to using smart technologies and navigating digital spaces.

Affiliate Projects

Women In Music Jamaica

Vice Chair of Fundraising and Strategy


Digital Marketer and Writer

Brands I've Worked With

I have collaborated with a number of Jamaican, Caribbean, and other International brands in a number of capacities including:

  • affiliate and tech influencer
  • brand and organisational partnership to implement projects
  • digital strategy work to develop and positively enhance various aspects of their digital presence or the digital presence of individuals/other clients using the resources from partnerships
  • creative arts and media products and services (singer/performer, host, voiceover talent, video production, graphic design, & more)
Here's What's Next

Tech It Like A Girl - Vol. 1
(The Book)

“You don’t have to be a singer or other kind of creative professional to live and work creatively. At the heart of creativity and innovation is being resourceful and using well what you already have. Resourcefulness is something we can all practice from anywhere and in any field to make the most of life and work. 

This philosophy has been at the core of how I have been able to function and help others function in the world, and is the glue that holds the messages and tips in the upcoming memoir. I’m on a mission to help everyone I can live their best, most creative lives – whatever their field, industry, or interests. As those I help go on to help others, we cause a change reaction that will be felt in the legacies we leave our children and our children’s children.”