New website, who dis!?… I’m revamping some things…

Whether you are a regular visitor to or you only stop by from time to time, chances are you have noticed some not so slight changes over the last few days – starting with putting everything in maintenance mode.

The unexpected impact of COVID-19 quarantine

One of the effects of the restricted movement that has come with COVID-19 is getting some time to finally refine and complete many of the projects and visions I have had on the back burner for a long time. Deadlines and activities that were previously scheduled had to be put on hold indefinitely; inadvertently allowing me the time to consider other activities and projects that I ‘had no time for’ before. Consequently, I have been revamping how I’m spending my time (I talk about that here on and rebuilding the tech-based foundations of platforms, services, businesses, and initiatives that should be coming to the fore. Through everything from Tech It Like A Girl, the 60 Seconds with Kei Dubb podcast, new services and digital processes at Kei Dubb, the COVID-19 Strong with Kei Dubb series (for those who may be struggling with some of the fallouts of the pandemic) to the upcoming launch of the Black Girl Politica platform, I have been able to accomplish more than I ever realised. I am grateful.

This website, and branding surrounding it, is a part of that revamping and rebuilding. It’s about time, to be honest. After all, I do this successfully for so many other clients and brands; it was time to be able to represent myself in the same way, and begin to represent my life and work in a way that jives with who I am and how I want to work. So, a lot of the changes you see are a result of that.

Securing the hub and spreading the vision

It is well known among those who have worked closely with me that securing your digital home on your own official website and using your social media in tandem with the same is at the heart of my digital strategy. I have also blogged about the same across platforms, namely Kei Dubb business, Kei Dubb technology, and Tech It Like A Girl. Truth is, while social media is great for helping so many of us share our passions and talents with the world, it is not enough or the end-all.

For starters, your social media platforms are not your own. Consequently, a simple change in the algorithm or a shut down can result in you losing all your hardwork if that is all you have. Granted, it is true that your website can go down or you may need to switch providers to keep going. However, you content is still yours and you are able to benefit directly from your own traffic, audience, and advertising, versus handing the benefits of all you are building over to a social media platform.

In addition to a lack of true ownership, social media platforms should really be used as a highlight reel (in the context of business and enterprise) to point your audience to your own website where your content is based. Essentially, all content posted to social media is supplementary. Once you have streamlined your processes, clarified your brand and message, and are housing the same through rich and consistent content sources on your official website (which I like to call your digital hub), then you can create the supplementary content for social media to point those who find you there to your website. That is just what I have taken the time to do. I’ve been creating, uploading, and streamlining content for my website(s) and digital platforms so that I can point those connecting with me across social media toward the same. I am excited and grateful to actually be able to get it done, in spite of all that is happening locally and globally.

More personal, still professional

Perhaps the most important part of this whole revamp journey as far as this particular website/platform is concerned, is returning to a more personal feel without losing the professional focus. In other words, while I am actively promoting the work I do through this website, I also wanted to share my personality, passions, and perspectives too. So, I sat and thought about my values, how I feel about my work, and how I want you to feel about it or be able to receive it when you do come in contact with the same. This led to changes in colours, a return to a first-person narrative and a hands-on approach to content creation and promotion. What you are seeing now is the result of the same.

This more personal approach is nothing new. It is how I had operated in the past for many years but for some reason moved away from as I focused more on what I did, versus who I was. Still, both aspects are important. While I would never want anyone to idolise who I am or what I do, I do want those who receive it to feel connected to the same.

Hi there! 

Welcome to the blog here on my official website where I happily share moments from my life, experiences from my work, and some perspectives with you.

It is my goal to inspire, motivate, and empower you with my stories so you too can lead your most fulfilling lives.

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