Now, this is who I am...

…a little anyway


Much of my life is driven by the reality that as much as we'd like to think we have control over our lives, there is a higher power that/who keeps the times and seasons of our lives, and in His hands, the goo things we desire for our lives become possible even in the midst of life being life.


Everything from our faith to our dreams and goals can have tangible results and should help shape our experiences, and the realities we face. Our actions and the decisions we make are a demonstration of the faith we profess and the hallmark of the goals and dreams we say we believe are possible for us.


I am committed to joy, a good attitude, living and working with ease, and all I know is possible for my life... even on the bad days (perhpas even especially). This commitment is informed by my beliefs about possibility and the impact of consistent action in the direction of my life's vision.

Fun Facts

& Personal Mantras

One thing’s for sure, life will throw things at you that will test your faith, your mettle, and your commitment to the vison you have for your personal quality of life. 

Still, I have found, that by surrounding yourself with the things that support your direction, goals, and ideals, we can better weather the storms. 

Of course, this all starts with the right mindset. So, I have curated a list of personal mantras that have helped to keep me on track when life is being life and is threatening to derail me. 

I share them in the list below.

  • Feel the fear and do it anyway
  • Have the faith to do it afraid
  • Good things come to those who are brave
  • I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me
  • Things fall apart to fall together
  • Every storm runs out of rain
  • Sometimes your success lies in your ability to outlast the tough times
  • Seasons change
  • When in doubt, stand on what you know for sure

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