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Awe-inspiring & Bold Creative-Tech Solutions, Limited.

Through my newly-minted LLC, I am able to work as a creative, tech professional, and entrepreneur to build solutions that align with my vision to have individuals, brands, initiatives, projects, and businesses authentically and sustainably.

Best of all, I am able to do this for myself and clients alike with an amazing team of professionals and consultants. Use the link below to learn more about 

Digital Assets

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Tech It Like A Girl is a FREE-TO-ACCESS tech-ed platform where we provide the content and resources that help take the overwhelm out of navigating the tech space, all while helping you develop the habits necessary for healthy engagement with smart technologies.
Best known for thrilling LIVE music performances, Kei Dubb has evolved to bring its entertainment content to the digital media space through podcasts, digital lives, music videos, written musings, game-like business-planning technologies, and more!

Kei Dubb 365 LIVE is the official digtal multimedia app of brand Kei Dubb, designed to conveniently bring you all the latest Kei Dubb content, resources, products, and services.
Life is best lived when we all decide what living well means for us and consistently make the decision that align with the same. Through New New Start Collective we share the content and merch that serve as timely reminders.

New Start Collective is a boutique lifestyle brand offering up bold, inspiring, and powerful messages and high-quality merch to go with.

Black Girl Politica

Black Girl Politica is a digital platform highlighting the often unheard voices and overlooked perspectives of professional men and women in Caribbean and Pan-African communities speaking to the policies and politics of art, culture, media, business, and tech as they experience them.

BGP was conceptualised from the many discussions Kerri-Anne would have with her friends and colleagues across key industries who were engaging in ground-breaking research and enterprise creation, but whose work was often stereotypically overlooked by virtue of factors like background, and locale.