Purpose, Passion, and Position: Who I Am, What I Do, and Why

Welcome to my official website and blog. Of all the places you could have chosen to visit online, I am grateful and humbled you have chosen my corner of the world, wide, web. This is a simple introductory blog post to help you get to know a little more about me.

Who I Am

Mantra: Today’s a good day to create something beautiful.

At heart, and perhaps in function, I am a creative visionary who is thrilled about the positive role technology can play in bringing our visions to pass. I firmly believe our lives and work should cohesively reflect that which we value most. I also believe that every talent and gift we have is to be used well, and there is no need to neglect any; even if the focus is on one at a time. There is simply no need to choose from among the beautiful parts of ourselves. A form of idealism, really. Still, I am realistic enough to know that multitasking is not really a thing. Therefore, the strategic execution and sober consideration of how we can consistently forward in all our pursuits are important. I have found the best place to start is identifying the core values and talents that form the common threads across the multiple interests we may have.

What I Do

Focus: Sharing my talents, positioning my peers to win.

In my professional life, I wear many hats. I work as a social-impact entrepreneur who merges her talents as a performing and literary artiste with my skills as a creative technologist. In doing so I am able to share my work with the world in ways that are authentic to me and are of a particular standard. Unsurprisingly, I use the said abilities to help my colleagues and peers do the same with their own work.

Why I Do It

Philosophy: Pour all of who you are into your whole life. Die empty.

Speaking of colleagues and peers, I believe we all can leverage the best of ourselves as we journey through this world. I am passionate about making that a reality for as many of us as possible in life and work.